Coating and sealing of surfaces with Polyurea

Waterproofing of Polyurethane Foam

Ideal solution for the protection of polyurethane foam and reinforcement of sealing with spray polyurea.
Recommended for Terraces, Tiled Roofs, Sheds, Rooms, Metal Roofs, Verandas, etc.

Waterproofing of concrete roofs / floors

It is a floor protection system based on sprayed pure polyurea. It can be made non-slip if required.
It is suitable and recommended for Industrial Floors, Terraces, Terraces, Increased Traffic Floors etc.

Swimming pool waterproofing

It is a waterproofing system based on sprayed pure polyurea (polyurea) special for swimming pools & tanks. It is a two-component fast setting material (10 seconds) coated with a special Top Coat with chlorine resistance.
The system is without joints and gives us 100% tightness. It is applied and has adhesion to structural elements regardless of the type of material (concrete, metal, etc.) and surface shape (flat, curved, zigzag, smooth, etc.).
It has high mechanical strength as well as high resistance to chemicals, high resistance to time (aging), perfect and strong adhesion to almost all surfaces, high elasticity and thermal stability (contraction-expansion).
It is suitable and recommended for waterproofing in Water Tanks, Fountains, Swimming Pools, etc.