Customer Guarantee and Assurance

Ecosystem, by putting its theory into practice, reliability and respect for the customer, certifies and guarantees its services.
Creating a file
For each project creates a file with digital images from the beginning to the completion of the system tasks.
Warranty and technical support
Upon completion of the work, a written guarantee is given for the efficiency of the system, the good quality of the materials and their correct technical application as well as the technical support.
Visual inspection
As long as the guarantee is valid, the system will be checked by the company's technicians and the material will be added to the existing project file. We are always one step ahead and we prevent any cause that can cause problems in the system and we provide immediate solutions. Following this process, the guarantee is not just a form but a lively and practical offer to our customer.

Transparent Element Heat Transfer Rate

Heat Transfer Rate (U-Value)
It is the amount of heat per unit time that passes through 1m2 of a building element with thickness d (m) when the temperature difference between these surfaces is equal to 1 ° K (W / m2K)